Welcome to Titan TV

At Titan TV, our mission is to empower talented students from diverse majors and disciplines at California State University, Fullerton to showcase their skills and creativity while delivering compelling, informative, and educational programs to our viewers.

Watch Us Anywhere, Anytime

We're not just confined to one space—we're everywhere you are. Titan TV streams live on the internet, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If you're in Orange County, you can also catch us on Spectrum Channel 98 and AT&T U-Verse throughout Southern California.

Programs That Inspire

Our programming lineup is as diverse as the students who create them. From thought-provoking news and informative shows like "The Report," "OC News," and "Al Día," to the rhythmic beats of "Titan Radio Live!," the in-depth exploration of "In Focus," and the latest in technology on "Tech On," we cover it all. Don't miss our weekly highlights on social media with "Titan Weekly" and "Titans Tonight." We're also your source for coverage of important University events that matter to the CSUF community.

Powered by Student Talent

What makes Titan TV truly special is the talented students who crew our programs. They come from various academic backgrounds, bringing their unique perspectives and passion to every project. At Titan TV, we believe in hands-on learning, and every show is a testament to the dedication, creativity, and hard work of our student teams.

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So, whether you're a CSUF student looking for an opportunity to get involved, a resident of Orange County enjoying our local content, or a viewer from across the globe, we invite you to explore our world of student-produced excellence right here at Titan TV.

Join us in celebrating the power of student talent, creativity, and storytelling. Thanks for being a part of the Titan TV community!