IN FOCUSIn Focus set still rupsi burman

In Focus is a program that offers an intimate setting in which students can get a closer look into the world of many student leaders, educators, and important figures which have an impact on students on our campus. 

 titan weekly set still both anchors TITAN WEEKLY

Titan Weekly is a weekly program that keeps CSUF students, faculty, and staff up to date with the latest news, trends, and events on campus, as well as with all productions at Titan TV. 


the report production still with two anchorsThe Report is a bi-weekly news magazine style show with all of the latest news expanding from hot topics, campus events, local and statewide news, as well as national and international headlines. Hosted by three or four student anchors, the show carries out a fun format that is both engaging and informative.


OC News is an award-winning television news program produced entirely by the broadcast journalism students in the Department of Communications at California State University, Fullerton. OC News main anchor deskOC News is produced and aired weekly during the fall and spring semesters by the COMM 472 class. It gives Comm. students focusing on broadcast journalism a chance to practice the skills learned in the classroom in a real newsroom experience. Students anchor, produce, report, write, edit and shoot everything in the show.

OC News gives students real-life skills and experiences to make the transition from student to working professionals in the competitive broadcast journalism field.

OC News also provides the campus community and surrounding Orange County viewers with information about important stories in our community. Our goal with OC News is to provide the students with practical experience while at the same time giving the community up to date news and information about the greater Orange County area.

Al DíaAl Dia program set still

 Al Dia is a television news program produced entirely in Spanish by the broadcast journalism students in the Department of Communications at California State University, Fullerton. Al Dia is produced and aired weekly during the fall and spring semesters by the COMM 304 class.  The "Horror Bootcamp" package for Al Dia, produced by Abbey Fernandez in Fall 2017, aired on Univision and also won 2nd Place at the Broadcast Education Awards Festival of Media Arts in the category of Television Feature.

TITAN RADIO LIVE!titan radio live featuring the band thrift set still

Started a few years ago, Titan Radio Live! is now an award-winning culmination of efforts from both Titan TV & Titan Radio.  TRL! serves as a platform for up and coming artists in the Los Angeles and Orange Country Region to be heard on a much larger scale. 


World Press a television program series that monitors International News and the issues affecting the global press. Visiting scholars, experts, and student reporters discuss the current issues and topics in news and

This program is hosted by Dr. Anthony Fellow chair and professor of the Communications Department at California State University, Fullerton with students from journalism.


Tech On is a one-stop shop for all technology related information and news. Every episode focuses on one particular application, device, and or new technological feature, and goes into specific detail in order to help students gather a fluent understanding of every new gadget, software, and application. Click the link below to go to our YouTube channel where you can watch all of our Tech On episodes and keep an eye out for upcoming ones.

TITAN SPORTSTitan Sports what the tusk segment taping

Titan Sports provides highlights of all things Titan Athletics!  New segments include: What the Tusk, On the Mound, and Titan Timeline. 


Titan TV covers a multitude of on-campus events such as Commencement, lectures by experts, symposiums and many other live events on campus.  For many large events, Titan TV provides live web streaming as well as cable casting to their Time Warner Channel.   Examples include the Gravitational Discovery Symposium, Personal Wellness Symposium, Oil Extraction Symposium, and Sustainability Symposium.