Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my family or a guest to the TV studio?

All visitors to the studio, including family, must receive approval from the Production Coordinator before visiting. Interested parties should submit a written request, via email, to the Production Coordinator and wait for approval before bringing guests to the studio. The Production Coordinator should, in turn, consult with the Operation and Production Manager and/or the Director of Titan Communications before sending approval. After obtaining permission, guests may be brought to the studio for a tour of the facilities. All guests and other persons involved will be held to the rules and regulations established in the Titan TV Handbook regarding guests. Children (under 18 years old) must be supervised at all times by a parent/guardian.

Doesn't Titan TV’s policies regarding obscene and indecent on-air content infringe on my first amendment right to freedom of speech?

The first amendment does not apply to obscene content. It also does not apply to defamation.

“an intentional false communication either published or publicly spoken, that injures another’s reputation or good name” (Black’s Law Dictionary).

In addition, indecent content is regulated by the FCC. In order to encourage a positive learning environment and to give students a close to real world experience in broadcasting, Titan TV supports responsible broadcasting which includes an adherence to FCC regulations. According to UPS 300.00 “students…are guaranteed freedom from censorship.”; however, staff, volunteers, and volunteer broadcasters at Titan Radio “are bound to recognize that these rights are to be practiced within the limits of prevailing law, University policies, and the canons of journalism.”

In addition, “students are expected to exercise free expression in a context of common sense and good judgment. Students’ actions should not interfere with the rights of others or the function of the University.” The policies and procedures outlined in the Titan TV Handbook are intended to support and guide broadcaster’s judgment, to preserve the rights of the student staff, volunteers, and Titan TV viewers, and to ensure compliance of all Titan TV broadcasts to “prevailing law, University policies, the canons of journalism” and instructionally-related activities guidelines.

What is TV’s connection to the University?

Titan TV serves as a living-learning laboratory classroom environment for use by classes in television production and broadcast journalism.  Titan TV is part of Titan Communications, which is affiliated with the College of Communications and Department of Information Technology.

Does Titan TV provide tours to outside organizations such as the Cub Scouts?

Yes. However, approval must be obtained from the Titan TV Production Coordinator, who should, in turn, obtain approval from the Director of Titan Communications in advance. In addition, we are only able to host groups that are small enough to meet our maximum occupancy requirement of 14 people and no children under seven years old are permitted.

Can I, as a staff member, help a CTVA or Comm student or faculty member with their personal or school projects during my work hours?

No. Unfortunately, due to limited availability of personnel and resources, Titan TV cannot provide staff assistance to lab classes or to any student or faculty member that is not working on a Titan Communications related project. In general, lab assistants should be provided by the department for all CTVA labs and for radio classes. Students seeking help in the CTVA labs or production room should be referred to Matthew Roberts. Exceptions may exist for students working on class projects that will ultimately be distributed on Titan TV and the management Team should consult with the Director of Titan Communications for specific guidelines. Faculty seeking to use Titan Communications facilities for their projects should be referred to the Director of Titan Communications and may not use the facility unless prior approval has been obtained.

Does Titan TV grant interviews to the Daily Titan?

Yes. Producers and staff are welcome to participate in any interviews regarding their own shows. However, permission should be obtained from the Director of Titan Communications before granting any interview requests having to do with station policies, procedures, or station operations in general.

Will Titan TV run a commercial for my business/organization?

No. As a non-profit organization, Titan TV does not air commercials. However, we do offer underwriting for organizations/businesses that would like to sponsor programming at our station. Underwriting rates are outlined on the underwriting rate card. All funds obtained from underwriting are considered donations.

Will Titan TV run an ad/underwriting announcement/PSA free of charge for my organization?

No. Titan TV only offers underwriting/sponsorship for organizations that sponsor programming at our station with an underwriting donation. This applies even to non-profit organizations. The only exception is CSUF departments and programs.

I cannot keep my regularly scheduled staff hours today. What do I do?

Contact Titan TV immediately as soon as you know you will not be able to perform your duties. If no one can be reached at the studio call the Director of Titan Communications. If no one is available, leave a message or send an email. If you know in advance that you cannot keep your regular office hours, please let us know ahead of time.

When are volunteer applications available?

Volunteer applications are available at any time during the semester and usually one to two weeks before the semester begins. Please note that volunteer applications will only be valid for the semester in which they are filled out and turned in.  Click Here To ApplyOpens in new window

Can I use or check out the Titan TV facilities/equipment to work on my school or personal projects?

No. Titan TV facilities and equipment including, but not limited to, cameras, lighting, audio equipment, and editing stations, can only be used to produce Titan Communications related programming. In addition, Titan Communications computers cannot be used for doing homework, checking personal email, or for any purpose other than show production or preparation.

I am working on a production. Can I borrow furniture, office supplies, props, sets, etc. from Titan TV?

No. Chairs, props, sets, office supplies, equipment, etc. may not be removed from the Titan TV facilities without the express written permission of the Director of Titan Communications. This applies to students, staff, faculty, Titan TV volunteers, Titan TV producers, and Titan TV student staff members.

I am submitting my program to air on the Titan Channel. Can my program air at a specific day and time?

Persons submitting programs to air on the Titan Channel may request that their program airs at a specific day and time. However, Titan Communications alone determines the day and time at which all programs will air and cannot guarantee under any circumstances that a specific program will air at a specific time.