About Us

Titan TV Control Room Titan Communications is the home to Cal State Fullerton’s digital media center, which provides students with a living-learning classroom and an opportunity to work and learn about television and radio broadcast management in a professional hands-on environment. We strive to provide students with an environment that supports academic achievement with opportunities to work on television and radio programs and learn the broad-ranging skills needed today to succeed in a broadcast career.

Control Room shot full of aspiring broadcast journalists producing live newsSince it began in 1998, Titan Communications has grown from an office, control room, and a small television set to now having a full-scale television studio, control room, audio and editing labs equipped Mac Pro workstation computers, a voiceover booth, and the Titan Internet Radio station. We are located on the basement floor of the Pollak Library South.

Titan Communications also services clients by providing high-quality audio and video productions. Titan Communications provides services for webcasting and multimedia. Some of the award-winning projects produced by Titan Communications rangeStill of two main anchors of Al Dia through the main line camera from educational and training to marketing and television shows.

By working together, Titan Communications staff, faculty and students produce high-quality programs that are distributed to the campus, via the Internet to the University and through the Titan Channel to the surrounding communities of Orange County.

Eraj Shadaram | Director
Email: eshadaram@fullerton.edu
Office: (657) 278-7462
Nathan Jeffers | Media Specialist
Email: njeffers@fullerton.edu
Office: (657) 278-3757
Jeffrey Whitten | TV Media Coordinator
Email: jwhitten@fullerton.edu
Office: (657) 278-8495
Production Coordinator | Titan TV
Email: titancommsupport@fullerton.edu
Office: (657) 278-2836
General Manager | Titan Radio
Email: titanradio-gm@fullerton.edu
Office: (657) 278-5505